Academic Exchange

Erasmus Mundus Action 2:
IBIES Consortium
Aims of the Interdisciplinary Bridges for Indo-European Studies (IBIES)

The aim of IBIES is the promotion of Indo-European higher education, to support the improvement and enhancement of scholars' career proposects as well as the promotion of intercultural communication and understanding through cooperation with the partner countries.

IBIES supports mobility at all level of higher education, including both mobility for students (undergraduate, master, doctoral and post-doctoral) and for staff (academic and administrative).

The IBIES network in the frame of the Erasmus Mundus programme will see to the further enhancement of the individual student, researcher or teacher in order to improve not only their knowldedge, qualifications and skills but also to strengthen the cooperation between India and EU and contribute to the development of theses societies.

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Jean Monnet Programme

The Jean Monnet Programme is designed to increase knowledge about European integration by promoting teaching, research and debate at higher education institutions on the history, politics, economics and law of the European and the EU's relations with other areas of the world.

Higher education institutions from all countries in the world are encouraged to apply for Jean Monnet projects such as the creation of Jean Monnet teaching Modules, Jean Monnet Chairs, Jean Monnet Centres of Excellence and Jean Monnet conference projects on the European .

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